MRB 250 model

Suitable for “handmade” type dough. In it, you can make cookies of different formats with a high percentage of fat or margarine.

  • Robust construction with steel sides
  • Stainless steel loading hopper with retracting safety grid
  • Feeder roller with dough thickness adjustment
  • Traction rubber roller
  • Casting roller easy to change
  • Special endless bands
  • For trays of 250×600 mm; 250×700 mm, 400×600 mm, 450×750 mm, etc
  • 250 mm working width, standard measurement
  • Possibility of obtaining different formats in the same tray without changing the roller
  • Speed of 2 to 4 trays per minute
  • The cookies are deposited on trays ready to be introduced in the oven
  • The model is subject to changes, without previous notice