Ours is the story of a family that, for more than 80 years, has been at the forefront of a brand recognized for its work in the service of the food industry. Founded by an Italian immigrant in 1929, the company was engaged in the construction of chain ovens for bakeries and machines for the candy industry.


Gradually and over the years we incorporated into our manufacturing program the equipment for the production of sweet cookies and crackers, sweet bread, puddings, alfajores, vanilla, etc., which today are our specialty, together with molds for molding and rotary cutter.

Our range of products is varied and aims at the needs of each client regarding the type of product, productive capacity and building availability. Therefore, each machine and / or equipment is built especially taking into account the above.


Today we, the third generation, continue on that hard road that is to remain valid through the years with the recognition of our customers and with the commitment to constantly renew our technology to continue offering our high quality products both to the internal and external market.